WOW, Check out our new Late Evening Collection service!

Evening parcel collection service in London (inside M25), after 6.00 pm with next day shipping from our warehouse!

We know you working hard and you’re too busy to wait around your house, the whole day, for the courier. We know all about “failed collection”, “address not found”, “customer not home” situations. And when you take a day off to send a parcel… it’s a shame! That’s why we created our own Late Evening Parcel Collection Service, the best solution to these problems!

With our our Late Evening Parcel Collection Service we:

  • schedule your collection between 06.00-09.00 pm (Monday-Friday)
  • struggle to collect your consignment, no matter what!
  • call you on mobile to find the address or to get in contact, if needed
  • print the appropriate carrier’s labels and securely affix them to your parcels
  • ship your parcels from our warehouse the very next working day

So you can relax, keep your schedule during the day and meet, in the evening, our courier in pyjamas, we don’t mind! 😀